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Vermont Mountain Range

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COVID19 Update

Dear Guests & Friends of The Governor’s Inn,

We are experiencing different and difficult times during this world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.  We hope that your visit to The Governor’s Inn will lighten your mood.

The continued health of our guests, staff, and family are important to us.  Under the guidance of the CDC, state, and local health authorities we have changed some procedures to reduce contact and risk of exposure to the virus for everyone at The Governor’s Inn.

Before making your reservation for traveling to the state of Vermont, please familiarize yourself with Vermont’s travel restrictions.  If you need to quarantine for a visit, we ask you to do this before your arrival at The Governor’s Inn, either in your home-state, if allowed, or at another location in Vermont.  The Governor’s Inn is not equipped to allow quarantine within our premises.

One of the reasons our guests choose to stay at The Governor’s Inn is our personal service.  We enjoy being with our guests & friends.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we need to change how we interact with you.

Please let us know your approximate arrival time before you get to the Inn. If several guests are checking in the same day, we will try to separate check-in times.  Let us know if you prefer a contact-less check-in, and we will make that possible.  For your protection, we will not provide room service during your stay.  No staff will enter your room, except in an emergency.  If you need new towels or linens, please use the laundry bag provided in your room to place the items you would like replaced in the hallway in front of your room by 11 a.m.  We will wash or replace them by 3 p.m. and hang the cleaned bag with the towels/linens on your doorknob.

While in the common areas of the Inn – hallways, reception, foyer, vestibule, alcove, parlor, or while being seated in the breakfast/dining room – we ask that you please wear a face mask for yours and others safety.  Once seated for breakfast, you are free to remove the mask.  At all times, please observe social distancing.  Staff at The Governor’s Inn will be wearing face masks at all times.

While cleanliness has always been important to us at The Governor’s Inn, we have increased our cleaning intervals in common areas of the Inn and for high-contact surfaces such as door knobs, handrails, and common seating areas.

We ask that you not travel to Vermont or The Governor’s Inn if you feel ill or show symptoms of COVID-19.  We are waiving cancellation fees until further notice if you have to cancel due to COVID-19 symptoms or illness.  If the number of active COVID-19 cases in your county of residency changes within 14 days of your arrival date and now requires quarantine before being allowed to travel to Vermont, we waive the cancellation fee as well.

Talking about payment – all payments will be charged to the credit card on file.  If you need to change or update your card information, please let us know a few days before your arrival and provide us with a different credit card number.

We understand that some of our guests & friends might be concerned about dining at a restaurant with in-door seating.  If you order take-out please let us know beforehand and if possible we will provide you with a table in the dining room to enjoy your dinner.  Please be aware that we can only serve a limited number of tables at a time for breakfast or dinner due to seating restrictions and social distancing guidelines.  We will seat on a first come – first serve basis or based on previously confirmed times.  Please bear with us if we cannot seat you immediately or at your preferred time – it is for all of our health and safety.

Well, these were a lot of information and guidelines, when what we really wanted to say was “Welcome to Vermont, welcome to Ludlow, and welcome to The Governor’s Inn.  We hope you enjoy your stay.”

The staff at The Governor’s Inn